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Dec 6, 2018

With 300 million people worldwide suffering from depression and with depression and anxiety disorders costing over 1 trillion dollars each year, I thought a discussion with Dave Quinn of Being Well 365 would be of great value to our listeners. Excited to have him on the show, Keith and I discuss with Dave some of the startling statistics when it comes to employee disengagement related to stress and depression issues.

Did you know...

  • 80% of workplace stress affects relationships with family and friends
  • 35% of employees miss 3-5 days of work per month because of workplace stress
  • 71% of employees constantly spend time thinking about or actively looking for another job

Keith started our conversation with this thought- “There is a massive element missed in job/life integration. For employers, doesn’t it make sense to help the employees that they already have lead a better life?”

Well, in Dave’s opinion, the U.S. spends billions of dollars each year on wellness programs that simply are not working. With a former career in economic development, Dave witnessed fellow colleagues, himself, and their families affected by work stress and started looking for a solution.

Wanting to make more of a difference in people’s lives, he developed a program focused on helping businesses retain their current employees and cut down significantly on recruitment and turnover costs by focusing on the mental and emotional state of these same employees.

With the mantra “Wellness isn’t a destination, it's a decision you make daily,” Dave created Being Well 365 with the idea that this mindset can help add many quality and productive years to one’s life.

Instead of throwing money into wellness tech that doesn’t focus on the person, Being Well 365 brings the human element into a company and gets to the heart of why its employees are disengaged and stressed. Being Well 365 approaches anxiety and depression issues with employees by meeting them where they are, talking to them about what it is that’s causing stress, and teaching them techniques and skills to better cope with what they’re going through.

Beyond that, they assess the different departments in a company, looking for pain points, current fires that need to be extinguished, and possible issues that could be on the horizon. After assessing, they offer solutions in the form of different workflow suggestions, day-day department changes, or simply just environmental improvements like loosening the reins on confining cubicles and break time rules, or introducing more “movement” into the office in the form of walking desks or walking breaks.

Of course, it’s up to the CEO’s to make the ultimate decision to hire Being Well 365, and convincing them relies on them not only buying into the culture that these mental and emotional issues should be talked about and dealt with in a positive manner, but also showing them the financial benefits of an effective wellness program.

Dave says, “We show them the cost of not taking care of these problems and how ignoring these issues leads to higher turnover and recruitment rates. We show them what they’re losing from not investing back into their current staff.”

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