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If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the heart and soul of crucial conversations focused on helping you reimagine your tomorrow and exploring the convergence of people, technology and business. Geeks Geezers Googlization is hosted by Ira S Wolfe.

Jan 24, 2024

In this episode, we reached into the GGG vault to revisit a compelling conversation with Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and author of "Build for Tomorrow." We dive into the importance of adaptability, finding one's unchanging core in an ever-changing world, and building for tomorrow rather than clinging to the comfort of the status quo. Join us as we explore the four phases of change, the value of seeking feedback for improvement, and the impact of the pandemic on innovation and adaptability. Plus, learn about Jason Feifer's insights from his conversation with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and how his book provides long-lasting resources for building a thriving future. Don't miss this engaging episode packed with valuable takeaways. Tune in now!

Here are the key takeaways from this fast paced, engaging discussion!

  1. Find Your Unchanging Core: Jason Feifer emphasized the importance of building for tomorrow by finding your unchanging core in an ever-changing environment. Thriving in the future of work means adapting to changing needs while staying true to your purpose.
  2. Making a Shift: Feifer shared the story of Lena, a business owner who adapted her operations during the pandemic, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Recognizing better ways of doing things, even before a crisis, is essential for future success.
  3. Embracing Change: The pandemic has forced people and businesses to innovate and adapt. It's crucial to understand the four stages of change - panic, adaptation, new normal, and realizing you wouldn't go back. Adapting to change is the most important skill for success.
  4. Building For Tomorrow: Feifer's book, "Build for Tomorrow," encourages readers to focus on purpose and understanding how to continue being relevant rather than building for yesterday. The key is to seek feedback for improvement and to consider the future's unknown unknowns.
  5. Seeking Feedback: Both hosts and Jason Feifer agreed on the value of seeking input for improvement. Understanding what is not known and embracing feedback are essential for thriving in the future of work, and for personal and professional growth.

Bonus: Co-Host Jason Cochran reveals what science now reveals why people are so fearful of the future!