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Apr 8, 2020

Is there anyone on this planet that would question that navigating the pandemic has been disruptive, uncomfortable, stressful, and downright confusing? It’s no surprise then that we’re all chomping at the bit to reopen for business. Unfortunately, this road back-to-normal will be anything but usual. For starters, our leaders seem to be making up the playbook as we go. Everyone is fighting above their weight class. Few businesses and people can afford to make any mistakes. And the next step you take will thrust you into the Age of Unusual Uncertainty. What steps must you take to ensure that you lead and navigate through this next chapter of your life successfully? For advice that matters, we reached out to Mike Clarke, representing Gallup - one of the world’s most respected analytics and advisory firm. Buckle up. This is one of those podcasts that you’ll be relistening, quoting, and sharing often.

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