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Oct 26, 2023

In this episode, Beyond the Office host, Bill Keller dives into the colorful tapestry of international work cultures with Harshank Mistry from RKL. 

In this episode of "Beyond the Office," we're venturing into the vibrant (and virtually connected) worlds of Indian and American work cultures, featuring Harshank Mistry from RKL. Why, you ask? Because the future of work doesn't need a passport. Whether you're punching in for a 6-day workweek in Mumbai or clocking out for a casual Friday in San Francisco, virtual and remote has got you covered.

Why You Can't Afford to Miss This Episode: 

  1.  Indian Work Culture Unveiled: Ever wondered why Indian companies operate six days a week? Harshank spills the chai on the relentless dedication that fuels the Indian workspace.

  2. American Chill Pills: "What's the hurry?" seems to be the American mantra. Harshank shares how the American work culture prioritizes cooperation over coercion, making room for a fulfilling cultural exchange.

  3. Cultural Cross-Pollination: Pop quiz: What's more rewarding than successfully closing a business deal? A deep, meaningful conversation that enriches both sides culturally! 

Tune in to hear how these intercultural exchanges can enhance your productivity and workplace dynamics.