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Feb 20, 2019

David Searns, Haley Marketing CEO, stopped by Geeks Geezers and Googlization this week to discuss the staffing industry's post-Indeedageddon era. (For those of you who don't know, effective 1/7/19 Indeed no longer allows staffing firms and recruiters to post jobs for free.) Indeed is just the tip of a growing challenge staffing and businesses face when it comes to attracting job seekers and qualified workers. Misunderstanding how Google for Jobs works, delivering poor candidate experience, the lack of good recruitment marketing metrics, and low unemployment all contribute to forcing costs up & staffing ROI down. But the biggest culprit for most companies is a leaky company career site.

Haley Marketing works with recruitment companies around the world, training them to recruit and engage talent by implementing effective marketing strategies. With “Indeedagedon” and the current low unemployment rate causing companies distress when it comes to receiving applicants for their positions, recruitment departments are looking for other strategies that will drive candidate traffic to their job posts.

So now that Indeed has turned the tables when it comes to job posting, how can Google for jobs be utilized in its place? David says the most important thing when it comes to making use of Google’s job board is to make sure that your job is not only posted on your website, but that it’s also optimized for readability so that it can be indexed by Google Careers. Additionally, make sure that any career sites you’re using are also being indexed by Google.

Aside from optimizing your job post for Google’s job boards, when it comes to recruitment marketing, David starts each case with what he calls “the four pillars” of recruitment marketing.

  1. Your Career Site: What are you doing to ensure that every job-seeker looking at your page applies?
  2. Job Advertising: What strategies do you have in place for advertising?
  3. Social Recruiting: Do you have a social platform plan in place that’s engaging passive job seekers and interesting them in your company?
  4. Your Employment Brand: What does Glassdoor, Indeed reviews, or Google say about you? How do you believe you’ll attract candidates to your company if your employment brand is unknown or poorly represented?

In addition to these pillars, David points out that companies currently having the hardest time when it comes to finding and keeping great candidates are the ones who continue to ignore their candidates’ recruitment experience, the application process, mobile application availability, and pay disparity within their workforce.

If you want your company to acquire top talent, it’s not only important to address the above issues, it’s absolutely vital. If your job posting isn’t available on mobile, or if your application questions are archaic and unnecessarily lengthy, you’re not going to engage or keep talent.

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