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Feb 23, 2023

Candidate experience isn’t just about creating happy candidates, because the only happy candidates an employer will ever have are those they hire, not those they don’t. And most candidates aren’t hired for any given job they’re interested in. Whether your applicant to hire ratio is 25:1 (1 hire per every 25 applicants), 50:1, or 100:1, there are a lot of candidates who don’t get hired. This may also include those current employees who have applied for another role internally, and then they don’t get that new role.

The aggregate experiences of those who don’t get the job can and will most certainly impact your business and your brand. So, if they’re not happy getting the job, the next best thing is if they feel their experience was positive and fair. And if and when they do, they’re more likely to try again in the future, refer others, have brand affinity, and for consumer-based businesses, they’re more likely to be a customer.

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