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Sep 15, 2021

No job candidate should be left behind. In a labor market when overall jobs are up 96% compared to pre-pandemic norms and job openings significantly exceed available workers, no company can afford to lose a candidate due to a friction-filled FCDD*up candidate experience. But in just a few weeks (October 2021) Google in its Google for Jobs search engine is going to throw another wrench into your recruitment and hiring efforts when it shines its massive spotlight on the job seeker apply experience. JobSync CEO Alex Murphy joins Geeks Geezers Googlization today to explain how this will impact your candidate traffic, what changes you must make, and who will win and lose the race for talent as the latest Google for Jobs update rolls out.  (*Frustrating-Confusing-Disappointing-Distracting)

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Alex Murphy is CEO and co-founder of JobSync, the Workflow Automation Platform for Talent Acquisition. Alex has successfully started, grown and turned companies around in and out of the Talent Acquisition space. Alex’s experiences in TA include launching and running, and scaling Traffic, User Acquisition and running Business Development for Beyond. Alex is very active in the local DC entrepreneurial community as an Investor, Advisor and Mentor.

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