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Aug 28, 2016

Talent management is in a “state of confusion.” Those were the words of Mike Haberman, a long term friend and colleague of mine. I respect Mike a lot and scheduled him for a very long overdue interview.

One reason organizations struggle to attract and retain talent is that no one seems to be able to agree on the definition of talent. And if you can't identify it, how can you manage it?

During this brief interview we covered a lot of territory from the current state of talent management to the biggest challenges facing HR. We probably raised more questions than answers but we did agree upon this: organizations hinge their growth and future success on talent management as the solution and yet the definition of talent is ambiguous and rarely agreed upon.  Management, HR, recruiters and even employees have different descriptions and therefore different expectations. 

What's next for HR? What are the biggest challenges facing HR in the months and years to come?  Listen now to HR expert Mike Haberman and workforce and hiring thought leader Ira S Wolfe the current state and future role of HR and talent management.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @MikeHaberman and Ira Wolfe @hireauthority