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Feb 14, 2017

A Baby Boomer walks into a room and finds 3 smart, hard-working Millennials sitting at a table.

That’s it. There is no joke. Sparks didn’t fly. Attitudes didn’t clash. The Millennials didn’t ask to be CEO tomorrow. Ironically, these 3 twenty-something start-up entrepreneurs “hired” Baby Boomer Jon Carson, more than 3 ½ decades older and 2 generations removed, to be CollegeVine’s first chief executive officer.  

Scenes like this - Baby Boomers and Millennials getting along - happen every day and are repeated thousands of times. We just don’t read much about collaboration and cooperation between generations because as they used to say in the newspaper business, “if it bleeds, it reads.”  Millennial bashing makes a much better headline.

So how does it work? What does CEO Jon Carson do differently that so many other managers and executives don't? What does it take to get Millennials and Baby Boomers (as well as other generations) to work side-by-side as partners, colleagues, and co-workers?

Listen and learn!