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If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the heart and soul of crucial conversations focused on helping you reimagine your tomorrow and exploring the convergence of people, technology and business. Geeks Geezers Googlization is hosted by Ira S Wolfe.

Jun 30, 2021

Microaggressions are a workplace reality. Nearly 50 percent of Americans have experienced some type of microaggression at work. Over time, microaggressions, even unintentional, can accumulate and build into out-and-out discrimination. What can leaders do to recognize microaggressions? How can leaders make sure their employees feel safe, included, and comfortable? Heather R Younger, founder of employee engagement and leadership development firm Employee Fanatix, will share 5 steps leaders can take to mitigate and prevent microaggressions in the workplace and how to create safe spaces, aka judgment-free workplaces. With the “great resignation” and labor shortages in full swing, companies can ill afford any friction between candidates applying and employees showing up for work. Mitigating microaggressions in the workplace is key to both attracting more top talent and employee retention. Heather was recently selected to deliver her 2nd TEDx talk and is the author of the new book, The Art of Caring Leadership: How Leading with Heart Uplifts Teams and Organizations.