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If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the heart and soul of crucial conversations focused on helping you reimagine your tomorrow and exploring the convergence of people, technology and business. Geeks Geezers Googlization is hosted by Ira S Wolfe and Jason Cochran.

Mar 6, 2022

For Kiersten Rippeteau, purpose, meaning, and company culture aren’t just lofty words but high-impact actions. Unfortunately for many business leaders, they are just word-du-jour. They toss them around in the hopes something sticks. She, however, believes that every business can have a powerful positive impact on its employees, customers, and community. And for nearly 15 years, she has been helping leaders do exactly that - connect the dots between the business strategy, mission, and people. You are not going to want to miss this episode.

Determined that every business can be a powerful source of positive impact, Kiersten Rippeteau started her consulting firm New Commodity with a mission to make authentic purpose a practical tool for every business to generate that impact and drive performance and organizational health. Her background is in business operations, leadership, and organizational strategy in healthcare, non-profits, food & beverage, and construction. Before heading down this professional path, Kiersten led groups of teens and adults on wilderness trips across the U.S. and Canada. Kiersten holds a master’s of science in Management & Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University.