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Jul 17, 2019

When you purchase a device and you need help learning how to use it, it's likely you tap your screen and search YouTube. When employees want to learn a new skill, they typically have to request time off or wait weeks or months for training. That's all about to change as eLearning companies are adapting to the the way workers want to learn, train, and reskill.

Video is transforming learning management systems (LMS). Within the next 60 seconds, 3.5 million videos will be watched on YouTube. Many of those videos are how-to videos. Likewise, many organizations are opting to turn their LMS into a company YouTube. By offering micro-courses on everything from coding, how to build an Excel spreadsheet, increasing emotional intelligence or dealing with workplace sexual harassment, videos are transforming elearning, now a $35 Billion industry in North America.

Listen to this episode with L&D insider Scott McKenzie from EJ4 share why video is a must for training, re-training and re-skilling workers and an essential ingredient for attracting and retaining top talent.

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