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Mar 31, 2019

Is your organization struggling with people problems? Then don't miss this episode of Geeks Geezers and Googlization.

For 25 years, Human Resources has been fighting for respect, for the proverbial seat at the table. But management still views HR as the compliance cops, payroll administrators, and the department to avoid. Why? HR Strategist Ed Krow joined us for this podcast to discuss why HR continues to be its own worst enemy and recommends steps it can take to be not only seen, but heard and respected in the C-Suite.

Changing the “cringe” perception when it comes to the thought of HR departments

The general perception of HR departments can be summed up by what a conference go-er said to Ed after a speaking session. He spoke about how frustrated he was with HR, as it “made his life more difficult by offering little assistance and roadblocks at every turn.” It’s this common and often all too accurate perception of HR that limits the reach of HR’s voice when it comes to their company’s C-Suite. If HR truly wants to make the changes that will turn the tide on this reality and gain a seat at the table, they’re going to have to wake up to the progressive HR movement that is happening.

HR needs to be on the train of the current progressive HR movement, or they’re going to get left behind. It's time to be proactive and offer solutions to internal problems. As Ed states, “Business owners don’t want to hear about problems. They want to hear about solutions.” HR should be so much more than a hiring, firing, and “necessary evil” department to CEOs. For those ready to disrupt HR, arm yourself with the knowledge of today’s ever-changing technology, notice the problems within your organization, and come up with solutions that propel your company towards success.

One of the most important things to remember is the position of the CFO and CEO and what they truly care about. What is it they want to hear?

Once you walk outside the doors of HR, turnover rates and hiring processes are not the topics that turn the heads of CEOs and CFO’s. What’s going to make HR stand out is when they’re able to identify how turnover directly affects their company, create innovative solutions to reduce these ill effects, and then show the higher-ups the fiscal result from these actions and how their creative problem-solving benefited the company as a whole. These are the conversations that will allow the voice of Human Resource Departments to be heard and give them a seat at the table that’s noticed.

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