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Apr 15, 2017

Sociology professor Tony Campolo said, “I am convinced we don’t live in a generation of bad kids. We live in a generation of kids who know too much too soon.”

From an intellectual perspective, Millennials today have been exposed to so much more than Gen X and Baby Boomers at the same age. They’ve consumed information on everything from cyberspace to sexual techniques before they graduate from middle school. Everything is coming at them sooner.[1]

On the other hand, many believe that emotional maturity is lacking.  Some blame the “helicopters parents.”  It’s like the butterfly grew up but couldn’t live outside the cocoon (or the parents’ basements!)

But there might be another reason for the immature attitudes - a lack of emotional intelligence.

Listen to host Ira S Wolfe with guest Jennifer Zamecki discuss Emotional Intelligence and how it may be impacting Millennials as well as employers.