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Has the SHIFT hit your plans? Hosted by Ira S Wolfe, The Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Podcast interviews global thought leaders to help make sense of this new world of unknown unknowns and adapt effectively to the new waves of normal. We talk about the convergence of the wired, tired, and technology and its impact on the future of work, jobs, careers, business, and HR.

May 24, 2016

Most everyone recognizes that technology is changing the way we work and the pace of change is accelerating ...except when it comes to how companies recruit and hire employees. It seems that many companies are sitting back and expecting change to stand still until they have the time and feel the urge to react.

Unfortunately that's never happened...and likely never will.  Many businesses are getting trampled when it comes to recruiting, especially Millennials.  The disconnect between new technology and adaptation within the recruiting and HR fields is widening.

In this 3 minute excerpt from an interview on Rob McKay's Tips for Hiring Podcast, Millennial Generation and hiring expert Ira S Wolfe explains how the pace of change is leaving many companies scrambling for workers.

You can also watch this video, recorded during a recent presentation.